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Candle Fundraising

 Fundraising with Essentially NOLA

Tired of cookie dough, magazines and cheap products? Why not sell something everyone needs and wants? You could offer the BEST Handpoured Soy Candles!!

  • Candles are perfect for any decor and make great gifts.
  • As a fundraiser, you'll receive 40% of retail price
  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
  • Most importantly, it's supporting your organization, but also a local business! Shop local, Give local!

Why Essentially NOLA?

  • No up-front investment
  • No minimum order
  • 40% profit on each item
  • Pre-Sort option for orders
  • No refrigeration requirements for orders awaiting pickup
  • Hold as many Essentially NOLA Fundraisers as you’d like!
  • Online product resources
  • Quick turnaround ( 2-3 weeks)

Why an Essentially NOLA Candle??

Our 100% Soy candles are triple-scented, long-burning, have 100% cotton wicks, and are affordably priced. Your group will be offering the very best-scented candle on the market. Let your fundraising project really standout among the rest. Offer your group something they’ll be proud to sell to their friends and family, and after the friends and family burn these candles,they will ask for them again.

Exceed Expectations

Many times other fundraiser products are disappointing to consumers. It is smaller than normal or not worth the inflated price. That item's price is greatly marked-up. Unlike other companies, we do not ask you to sell our product at a "marked-up amount" in order for you to profit. You sell it at the same price we sell it for, and you keep all the profit above cost.

Example of Funds Raised:

The average person will spend between $8 - $20

Candle Example:
25 participants, each sells 5 candles ( 125 )

6oz Mason Jar : Wholesale $6.00 , Retail $10.00  / 125 x 4 = $600 profit        
12.5 oz Mason Jar : Wholesale $12.00 , Retail $20.00 / 125 x 8 = $1000 profit



By offering your group a large percentage of the total sales, thousands of dollars can be earned for your cause with minimal effort. We do all the work. We provide the custom order forms stating your group’s name and cause. We collect the forms, make the items and ship them to you quickly. 

You choose your start and end dates. Once your campaign ends, tally your order and contact us by phone or email. We accept payments by credit card, check, money order and Paypal when you order. You pay us at the discounted price and keep the profits. 

We look forward to working with you to reach your goals!

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