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Renew Skin Care Set

Renew Skin Care Set

$ 18.00

These products are best for dry and/or mature skin. If you work outside and are exposed to the sun for long periods, these will work great for you as well. 

Unsure of natural skin care? Try our sample sample size and take natural skin care for a test drive.

How to Use:

Use the Facial Cleanser daily . The toner will soothe and refresh your skin. Apply the facial mask 2-3 times a week ( evenings) and follow with the Night-time elixir to repair and nourish your skin.

Renew Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser 

Clays will deep clean without over-drying, calm both acne and redness, and give you a healthy glow—all in one go.
Diatomaceous Earth, like other beneficial clays, dries out harmful toxins and leaves behind cleaned, smoothed skin with little to side effects

Rosewater Toner

This toner is great for all skin types. Rosewater & Aloe Vera juice are the base and laced with essential oils. The aloe will soothe and moisturize while lavender and neroli help balance your pH. Use after cleansing

Renew Facial Mask*

A blend of rose clay, hibiscus & goat milk powder to soothe dry skin and give your a healthy glow.

* Blend with yogurt or honey water to make this a mega moisturizing blend. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for deep cleansing!

Six Facial Oil

 A proprietary blend of essential oils compliments the "Oil of the Gods" and helps you retain that youthful glow.  Use in AM & PM after cleansing.


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